Thanksgiving Markup.


Added some structured data (microdata) to my About content along with the posted content here on the home page. Microdata = metadata makup for different parts of your content. This additional markup helps search engines to better understand the content and intention of your site. The entire W3C specification can be found here:Microdata Spec.

The markup used in the posts on this page are for Blog Postings as defined by

Everything in its' place.


Just carving out a small space on the web for myself here. No CMS, just me and my favorite IDE. A place for me to practice web development and design.

This site aims to be responsive to multiple screen sizes (tablet, mobile, etc) and easily searchable by most web crawlers. There will be a focus on different design and SEO techniques moreso than new "content", so updates may not be noticeable immediately. Play around with the site by resizing the window, clicking through various links, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!